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Would you like to become a partner in the IDunion consortium?

Would you like to become a partner in the IDunion consortium? Please send us an email with a brief description of your company or organisation and your project (use case). Of course, we will be happy to reply to you as soon as possible.

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Your advantages as a partner in the IDunion Consortium

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The developed governance and legal form of a European Cooperative of the IDunion organisation.

The governance framework and legal form create trust and the prerequisite for the admission of further members to the organisation. We design the organisation and network as an open ecosystem. IDunion becomes a neutral provider owned by its members (including platform users) with voting rights.

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No information advantage for the IDunion organisation over its members through the use of decentralised technologies.

Unlike federated and centralised identity solutions, transaction information between members are not known to any organisation, including the IDunion cooperative.

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The network software and the agent software is based on open source.

Due to the balanced interaction of centralised and decentralised systems, the project promises a wide range of possible applications and high interoperability - also at EU level. Many partners within the consortium have already gained experience with the software components or are actively developing them themselves. This concerns especially the agent software for companies and institutions.

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