IDunion SCE network infrastructure open for commercial use

IDunion SCE, the neutral and democratically organised European cooperative created from the IDunion research consortium, has been offering their managed network infrastructure for industrial and productive use since April 2024.

As a neutral basic infrastructure, the distributed and redundant network enables every company to independently store and manage identity information and all types of company-related data. Companies can store unique and distinctive company identity-related identifiers (DID – Decentralised Identifier) on the IDunion network, which are permanent, unchangeable and verifiable and do not require the use of a central register. The identifiers can be linked to user-defined company data or company attributes. All company data can be managed according to predefined parameters and can of course also be revoked. IDunion SCE makes the identifiers available to companies as required and assigns corresponding write authorisations for network use on an individual contractual basis.

The network is based on the open source software Hyperledger Indy. All network nodes are operated exclusively by cooperative members in accordance with the principles of the IDunion SCE and monitored by the latter as a neutral body. The IDunion SCE and the infrastructures it manages and supports are subject to the principles of openness, neutrality, sovereignty, transparency, integrity and cooperative competition. All members of the cooperative have the same voting rights, regardless of their company size. This ensures that all participating companies can have an equal influence on the technical and organised development of the IDunion SCE and thus the ecosystem. Companies can join the European co-operative as members at any time.