About the IDunion project

About the IDunion project

The IDunion research project is funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action as part of the Secure Digital Identities Showcase programme. The objective of the research project is to build an innovative secure infrastructure, which enables the verification of identity data and is based on a jointly operated decentralized database.

The Project’s Technical Network has been set up by a cooperative of private companies, associations, government institutions, educational bodies, and other legal entities. Given this range of involved participants, several different use cases are now being tested in various pilot implementations within the IDunion research project, with the necessary software components being provided by the partner companies within the consortium.

In July 2022, the founding of the IDunion SCE took place, a European cooperative with limited liability (Sociedad Cooperativa Europea, or SCE for short), as a spin-off from the research project. IDunion SCE, now as a separate entity, will be deploying and operating the technical network to provide the research project’s operations. It will also oversee and monitor all processes, components, and regulatory aspects accordingly.

Thanks to its legal form the SCE offers ideal prerequisites for deploying and using digital credentials within a transparent eco-system across Europe.

It also meets all the requirements in terms of data location strategy, keeping the core competence at the European level, while it can be used on an international scale. For more information on the establishment of the IDunion SCE, click here.


The IDunion Research Project currently comprises the following partners:

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