About the IDunion project

About the IDunion project

IDunion develops a basic infrastructure for the verification of identity data. For this purpose, a distributed database will be jointly operated, which will be managed by a European cooperative. The network will be set up and managed by various actors consisting of private companies, associations, cooperatives, government institutions, educational institutions and other legal entities.

The cooperative is the decision-making body responsible for managing and regulating the processes, components and regulatory aspects of the network. Currently, the necessary regulations and contractual structure are being developed to establish a European cooperative in 2021. This will lead to an excellent data policy, which keeps the core competence on a European level and is internationally applicable. The project is funded within the framework of the innovation competition “Showcase secure digital identities” of the German government (Federal ministry for economic affairs and energy).

Within the project various use cases will also be tested in pilot implementations. The necessary software components are also offered by the partners in the consortium. As reports on legal and security-relevant topics have also been prepared, the consortium fulfils all requirements.

Project partners

The following partners are currently involved in the IDunion project

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